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New Patients are Welcome

Looking to book an appointment with our experienced family dentists? 


Drs. Richard and Michelle Wilczek - Emergency and Family Dental Services in Prince George

Dr. Richard Wilczek and Dr. Michelle Wilczek are your dependable dentists in Prince George. Our dental clinic offers professional dental care that helps you maintain and restore healthy teeth and gums. This family-friendly dental practice has been delivering patient-centred dental care since 1984. If your dental health requires attention, you can count on us! 
At our dental care facility, we offer general dentistry, as well as specialized treatment options. Whether it is
dental pain and discomfort or cosmetic issues, we can help you. Our holistic approach to dentistry allows us to provide targeted and lasting results for your dental health. We are dedicated to delivering satisfying and positive experiences as your family dentists in Prince George.  


If you're looking for a family dental clinic in Prince George, please get in touch.

Dr. Richard Wilczek

Compassionate Dental Care Team

Meet experienced dental care staff and dentists who care about your smile and wellbeing! 

Professional Dental Hygiene Services 

Rely on us for regular dental cleaning services and best practices for dental hygiene at home. 

Brighten Up Your Smile

Undergo the professional teeth whitening process at our clinic for a brighter smile. 

Our Dental Care Services  

As dentists in Prince George, we offer the following dental services: 


Dental implants


Teeth whitening

Dental examinations

Family dentistry

Products and Services

Partial or complete dentures


Orthodontic treatment

Dental surgery

General Dentistry

Oral examination

Oral cancer screening

Periodontal examination

Tooth examination

Biting, chewing and grinding check


Pediatric dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Bruxism treatment




Specialized Treatments

Periodontal treatment (gum surgery)

Dental Services for Every Age

Our goal is to help you better understand how to properly care for your teeth at home between checkups. When you choose Dr. Richard Wilczek or Dr. Michelle Wilczek-Piekarska as your dentist, you can expect personalized dental care for every family member.


From tiny tots to seniors, we welcome everyone at our dental facility in Prince George. We provide quick assessments and thorough explanations of your treatment for your peace of mind.  


If you are apprehensive of undergoing dental treatment, rest assured, we offer sedation dentistry too. Once you consult with our dentists, you will be administered suitable sedation during your dental procedure. Your comfort is our priority, and we will always be mindful of it at our conveniently located office. 


Word-of-mouth referrals have kept us busy serving the residents of Prince George and the surrounding area, with children, in particular, appreciating Dr. Wilczek’s and his team’s calm, welcoming demeanour. 

Welcoming New Dental Patients 

New patients are always welcome in our office. If you are visiting our dental facility for the first time, here’s what you can expect:  

  • An assessment of your detailed medical and dental history 
  • A guided tour of our office 
  • A clinical examination of your head, neck, soft tissues and teeth 
  • Discussion regarding your future dental treatment options. 


Your dental appointment is set at a time specifically for you. It is important that you keep your dental appointment. We also encourage you to ask questions when you visit us for a consultation. It not only helps us understand your health better but also helps you feel comfortable. Feel free to reach out to us with your questions.  

What Is a Dental Emergency? 

When suffering from dental problems, it may be hard to tell whether you require emergency dental care. However, neglecting the issue can worsen it and lead to more permanent problems. Some conditions that classify as a dental emergency are:

  • Bleeding: If you have a large amount of bleeding in your mouth, it is best to visit a dentist as soon as possible.
  • Knocked-out tooth: If you've lost a tooth due to impact such as that from a blow, visit us immediately.
  • Infection: Like everywhere else on your body, oral infections can be very dangerous and sometimes even life-threatening.
  • Fractured tooth: If your tooth is cracked, chipped or fractured, immediate attention can help restore it.
  • Extreme pain: While some dental pain is normal, severe pain can be intolerable. If you're suffering from dental pain, please schedule an appointment with our emergency dentists in Prince George.
  • Abscessed tooth: Dental abscesses can give you a fever, cause you immense pain, and should be looked at by a dentist as soon as possible.


While you can prevent some injuries by keeping up with your dental care and regularly visiting us for examinations, some injuries can't be anticipated. In such scenarios, our emergency dentists in Prince George are available to provide you with assistance.

Have a Dental Emergency? 

If you are facing an emergency dental situation, the Prince George Dental Emergency line at 250-563-2470 is a 24-hour answering service provided by the dentists of Prince George. The BC Nurseline number, 811, is also available for free-of-charge health information and advice.

If non-immediate care is required, please phone our office at 250-562-4233 and leave a detailed voicemail. Please contact our office with any questions you may have, or if you wish to set up an appointment.


Why Choose Us?

When it comes to your teeth, you should only turn to someone you can trust. Entrusting your dental care in the hands of a professional team will guarantee quality results and help you preserve your oral health. When you choose us to be your dentist in Prince George, you benefit in many ways, such as:

  • Experience: As experienced dentists in Prince George, we have acquired a deep understanding of our client's requirements. We are able to provide customized solutions to your dental problems.
  • Knowledge: We have the know-how to identify problems and devise the right solutions quickly, as well as provide information regarding your dental health so that you can protect your teeth.
  • Equipment: We always keep track of the developments in the industry. Our team uses cutting-edge equipment to provide you with industry-leading solutions.
  • Complete services: We meet all of your needs under one roof with our comprehensive solutions. We can provide you with general, cosmetic, restorative and emergency dental services.
  • Customer service: For us, your needs are paramount. We provide you with a comfortable environment and hassle-free experience.


If you'd like to learn more about our family dental services in Prince George and how they can benefit you, please speak to us.

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