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7 Questions You Need to Be Asking Your Dentist

Most often we don’t think about our teeth while considering issues regarding health and prevention. But oral health is very important for preventing several problems such as losing teeth in midlife, gum disease and chronic bad breath. This is why visiting your dentist for regular check-ups is important. It also provides you with an opportunity to ask questions regarding your dental hygiene, available treatments and maybe even cosmetic procedures.

At Dr. Richard Wilczek Inc., we have been providing patient-centred dental care to many since 1984. When you opt for our dentists, you will benefit from various services, including orthodontics, sedation and teeth whitening. We offer treatment based on each patient’s comfort level and specific requirements. You can always count on us to make your smile beautiful. Here are seven questions that our dentists have prepared for you to ask at your next check-up. 1. How Can I Improve My Dental Health? The mouth is different for different people. This means that you will have to do more than the general guidelines and will have to get customized information from your dentist. Ask for a summary of your overall dental health and on areas where you can improve. Ensure to specific questions such as:

  • Am I brushing and flossing in the right manner?

  • Are my dental tools the best choice for my needs?

  • How well are my gums?

  • Are there any teeth that I need to be careful about?

Ask regarding all the problems that you are facing, even if they are minor ones. This is because knowing issues early on is the key to successful treatment. 2. Is There Anything That Should Be Discussed with the Family Doctor? Poor dental health can lead to a range of other medical problems such as diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Let your dentist make you aware of any symptoms which should be brought under your family doctor’s attention. Also, check if your dentist requires any information from your doctor as well. 3. Should I Consider Dental Implants? Have you broken or chipped a tooth? Are you experiencing decaying teeth? Talk to your dentist regarding dental implants if you are experiencing any of these issues. Dental implants are the ideal way to replace damaged or missing teeth. Not only they restore the healthy functionality of your mouth, but they also feel just like natural teeth. They are also permanent and are a good alternative to dentures. 4. What Are the Options to Correct Dental Misalignments? If your teeth are crooked and you are feeling self-conscious, your next check-up is the perfect time to ask regarding correcting it. May be your problem can be easily solved using clear braces or other types of braces. Discuss with your dentist on deciding the best treatment for you. 5. What Kinds of Food Are Bad for My Teeth? The kind of food you eat plays a role in the health of your teeth and gums along with your general body health. Ensure to talk to your dentist, if you have concerns regarding your diet choices. You can also discuss the kind of food that you should eat to keep your teeth healthy. 6. What Are the Tips for Oral Hygiene at Home? It’s very important for all adults to engage in brushing and flossing daily, however, the needs vary from patient to patient. You may have to use a different flossing technique if you have a dental crown or bridgework. A different brushing style and products may be required if you have braces. 7. Should I Be Concerned About Gum Disease? Gum disease is a major issue as it can lead to severe infection and tooth loss. It is also connected with other chronic diseases, such as heart problems, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. It’s important to know your risk level. Ask your dentist regarding this and also check for future risk. If you are finding symptoms, don’t wait to get treatment. H2: Let Us Help At Dr. Richard Wilczek Inc., our goal is to help our clients maintain a healthy smile. Our dentists have years of experience working with clients of all ages. We also encourage our patients to ask questions, so that they feel comfortable regarding all aspects of their dental health. For information on orthodontic treatments, read our blog post - Learn More about Orthodontic Treatments. Call us to know more about our cost-effective dental services.


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