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Sedation Dentistry in Prince George

It's normal to have some anxiety over a trip to the dentist. However, some people experience much stronger feelings than mild concern. A dental phobia causes intense fear, and this worry deters many patients from seeking the dental care they need. While there are a variety of reasons Canadians avoid the dentist, dental phobia doesn't need to be one of them. Wilczek Dental Group in Prince George offers safe sedation dentistry options to help you undergo necessary procedures with less anxiety. You can count on our team for cosmetic and restorative dental services. Over the years, we have treated patients of all ages and are continually committed to helping them maintain good oral health. We specialize in providing our patients with comprehensive dental care, including orthodontics, implants, teeth whitening and more. Contact us to speak with our dentists and book your appointment at our clinic in Prince George!

Stay Healthy with Sedation


Serious dental issues can develop when you avoid the dentist. While you might face some minor effects, like a cavity, a periodontal (gum) problem or a dental abscess requires more significant attention. Instead of letting severe issues develop and worsen over time, you can prevent these problems with regular professional visits. Sedation dentistry allows you to relax and keep calm during necessary dental procedures and safeguard you against future complications. Not only will you feel calm while the dentist works on you, but you may also hardly remember the visit even after the sedation has worn off. Patients who undergo benzodiazepine sedation generally have limited memories of the procedure — some even sleep through it.


Benefits of Sedation Dentistry


It is common for patients to feel nervous before and during their dental treatments. It is one of the main reasons why people fear going to a dentist. In modern dentistry, sedation dentistry is an effective method to help patients overcome their fear and anxiety. It is generally administered in the form of nitrous oxide, oral sedatives or intravenous sedatives. The benefits of sedation dentistry are as follows:


•  It gives you relief from anxiety and nervousness
•  It helps avoid traumatic dental treatment experience
•  It is easy, quick and convenient
•  It helps you keep calm and overcome your discomfort
•  It is helpful when undergoing dental surgeries

Choose the Sedation Right for You


Depending on the medical history, patients can receive either oral or intravenous (IV) sedation.

  • Oral Sedation — Oral sedation has less predictability but lasts longer. It is often best used for long procedures like restorative dental work. Children with dental anxiety also undergo this form of sedation.

  • IV Sedation — IV sedation is the better option for dental surgical procedures. It works quickly and works consistently throughout the procedure.

Receive Dental Work from a Sedation Dentist in Prince George


To receive sedation, you will need to have up-to-date medical records. We may ask that you abstain from eating for up to eight hours before the sedative administration. Come with someone to drive you home — you should not drive following sedation.

If you have dental phobia, sedation is a safe way to calm and relax you. You'll experience decreased stress and increased comfort. If you’re searching for sedation dentistry services in Prince George or any surrounding area, consider Wilczek Dental Group.

Contact us to set up an appointment or talk about your sedation dentistry options in Prince George.


What To Expect During The Sedation Process


Regardless of the type of dental sedation administered to you, our specialist will carefully monitor your vital signs during your procedure. We will ensure the safety and effectiveness of the sedative. You can follow these tips before your dental procedure to have a smooth experience:


  • Drink water before your appointment.

  • Avoid eating anything after midnight the night before your appointment.

  • Wear comfortable clothes during the procedure and avoid wearing tight clothes.

  • Make sure you have someone to drive you to the clinic and back home as you should not be driving after sedation.

  • If you are receiving IV sedation, make sure you don’t have any plans the day after your appointment.

  • Children may feel certain aftereffects like nausea, dizziness and sleepiness. We advise parents to constantly monitor their children.


Reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns

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Who Needs Sedation Dentistry


Sedation can be administered to patients of all ages for all kinds of procedures. It might be a good idea to consider sedation in case of the following:

  • You are to undergo a long procedure with extensive treatment procedure.

  • You are prone to experiencing extreme pain and sensitivity during dental procedures.

  • You have a strong gag or swallowing reflex.

  • Your medical conditions are worsened by stress.

  • Local anesthesia is ineffective.

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