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How Sedation Can Help Dental Patients

Sedation dentist in Prince George

Many patients are apprehensive about visiting the dentist and may even put off having a checkup for years. But there’s nothing to worry about when you visit a sedation dentist in Prince George. Keep reading to learn more about how dental sedation can help you overcome your fears and allow you to get the dental help you need.

Regain Control Too often in life, our fears hold us back from doing what we need or want to do. Don’t let this be the case with your dental health. Putting off a visit to the dentist, or simply ignoring your dental health problems, could make matters worse. Sedation dentistry takes the anxiety out of going to the dentist so that you can put your health first. Reduced-Pain Dental Care If the fear of experiencing pain is preventing you from visiting the dentist, dental sedation might be a good option for you. Dental sedation greatly reduces the amount of discomfort you feel, and many patients sleep through their entire dental procedure and go on to remember very little of the work that was performed during their appointment. Alleviate Anxiety A sedation dentist can offer you a much more pleasant dental experience. Dental sedation medications take the stress out of your dental visit and help you relax while your dentist takes care of your oral health. With sedation dentistry, you won’t feel any pain, making for a much more pleasant dental experience overall. Overcome your Fears With the help of sedation, you may gradually overcome your fear of the visiting the dentist. The more frequently you visit your dentist, the more comfortable you will become with the various instruments and routine procedures involved. Choose the Option that’s Right for You At the clinic of Dr. Richard Wilczek, you can choose between oral sedation or intravenous sedation, whichever is right for you and your specific situation. Oral sedation is generally administered to children and adults undergoing long procedures. IV sedation is more consistent and is typically administered for surgical procedures. Speak to a dentist from our Prince George clinic to learn more about your options. If you’re looking for a pleasant dental experience for yourself or your loved ones, try sedation dentistry at the clinic of Dr. Richard Wilczek today. Our clinic has proudly served Prince George and the surrounding area since 1984. We offer an array of dental services for the whole family. Contact us now to learn more about our dental practice or to schedule an appointment.


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