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wisdom teeth removal

Safe Wisdom Teeth Removal in Prince George

Wisdom teeth, the molars found at the back corners of the mouth, can lead to dental issues during their eruption between ages 17 and 25. Insufficient space often leads to discomfort and pain. The teeth might also be improperly aligned between the jawbones and the gums, resulting in aches. Dentists often recommend a wisdom tooth extraction to prevent the molars from causing problems.


Wilczek Dental Group offers reliable wisdom teeth removal in Prince George.  For those who experience dental anxiety, we offer sedation dentistry,  ensuring your comfort and peace of mind throughout your treatment. With years of experience, our dentists are equipped to carry out an extraction. If your wisdom tooth is causing you trouble, you can book a consultation with our dentists today.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Hurt?


It is rare to find wisdom teeth that grow comfortably without causing pain. In most cases, there is a lack of space for the wisdom teeth to grow in proper alignment with the rest of the molars. Every time a tooth tries to force its way up, it might result in unusual alignments and partially grown wisdom teeth. In many cases, wisdom teeth might end up horizontally or vertically aligned and unable to emerge from the gums.


In each of these cases, wisdom teeth removal is required to remove the swelling and pain.

Signs That You Need to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed


Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars that grow. Though they aren’t necessary for proper chewing, they begin to impact the teeth and the jaw alignment when they erupt from the gums. Therefore, many people prefer to have them removed. When the wisdom teeth don't have enough room to emerge or develop normally, they become impacted. At Wilczek Dental Group, we recommend a wisdom teeth removal procedure if any of the following signs are present:

  • Not enough space for teeth to grow: When wisdom teeth don’t have enough room in the mouth, they can start growing in the wrong direction, leading to discomfort and pain.

  • Pain or stiffness in the jaw: If your wisdom teeth start pushing the other teeth, that can affect the health of your jaw. Pain and discomfort in the jaw are common symptoms in this situation.

  • Inflammation of the gums: When wisdom teeth start to erupt, your gums can become very sensitive to cold, heat and pressure. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause inflammation of the lymph nodes and increase your chances of getting a sore throat or other infections.

  • Bad breath: You may be properly maintaining your dental hygiene and still have bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth because of the inflammation caused by foods stuck in and around your impacted wisdom teeth.

  • Sinus issues and headaches: Wisdom teeth can cause pain and discomfort in other areas. If wisdom teeth grow in your top jaw, this could affect your sinuses, causing pressure and headaches.


It is imperative to see your dentist immediately if you experience any of these signs. There are many myths surrounding wisdom teeth removal. In our blog, we have debunked these myths, shared tips to maintain dental hygiene, and compiled the latest dental information for our patients.


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How Is Wisdom Tooth Removal Effective?


When you start experiencing pain due to the growth of a wisdom tooth, it is recommended to undergo a removal procedure. Even for people who do not experience a lot of pain, there are significant benefits to getting wisdom teeth removed. Let us have a look at some of these benefits:

  • The problem of crowding is minimized when wisdom teeth are extracted. This improves overall oral health in the long term.

  • Removing a wisdom tooth reduces the chances of food particles getting trapped between improperly aligned teeth and other healthy teeth.

  • The chances of periodontal diseases like gum infection become lower.

  • Preventing cavities and decay of surrounding teeth or a partially erupted wisdom tooth becomes easier.

  • Orthodontic treatments become convenient.

  • A cyst is a fluid-filled sac that affects adjacent teeth and jawbones. The formation of a cyst can be prevented by removing wisdom teeth.


What to Expect During Wisdom Teeth Removal?


Wilczek Dental Group provides professional wisdom teeth removal in Prince George. A well-trained team of dentists and medical staff carry out the extraction surgery under appropriate sedation. The surgery takes between 30 and 60 minutes and is performed with the latest technologies at the dental facility. Once the surgery is over, you may experience mild pain and swelling for around three days. However, it is also common for many patients to not feel any discomfort after the procedure is over. To ensure proper healing, our dentists often list a set of dos and don'ts you should follow. See our tips on dental hygiene here.


If you are looking for dependable dentists who can perform wisdom teeth removal in Prince George or nearby areas, consider Wilczek Dental Group.


Contact us to discuss your dental health issues.



Wisdom Tooth Removal | Aftercare


Wisdom tooth removal is a surgical procedure that requires diligent attention to post-operative instructions. By following these guidelines meticulously, you can minimize complications associated with the removal process:

  • Avoid touching the wound area following surgery

  • Place ice packs on the side of your face where surgery was performed

  • Take the prescribed pain medications as soon as you feel discomfort.

  • Refrain from performing heavy-duty tasks, and resume normal activity only when you feel comfortable.




At what age do people usually get wisdom teeth?

Most people get them in their late teens or sometimes in their early twenties. However, it is possible for individuals to develop wisdom teeth when they are pre-teen or adults. 

Why do I need to have them removed?

Beyond the discomfort, wisdom teeth have the potential to harm neighbouring teeth. It is recommended you consider wisdom teeth removal to prevent such complications.


What happens if my wisdom teeth are not removed?

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause dental problems such as cavities, inflammation, cyst growth, sinus issues, and more. It is important to consult with your dentist, who can recommend a suitable treatment plan for your situation. 

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Prince George

Reach out to our dental clinic for safe and gentle wisdom teeth removal in Prince George.

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