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Warning Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

a girl suffering from the pain caused by a wisdom teeth

In late adolescence, wisdom teeth finally come in. While some are lucky enough to get through this without issue, others have to deal with impacted wisdom teeth.

When wisdom teeth are impacted, they can lead to a number of problems, from bite issues to severe toothache. It is important to spot impacted wisdom teeth early and extract them before they can do serious damage.

What are the warning signs of impacted wisdom teeth? Then read on and learn the signs that you need treatment for impacted wisdom teeth.

Pain in the Affected Area

The most obvious sign that you have is that you're experiencing pain in the affected area. This occurs due to the impacted tooth jutting up against the other teeth. This puts pressure on the nerves in the gums and results in pain and discomfort.

There are other causes of this kind of pain as well; however, if you're in your late adolescence and if the pain exists toward the back of your mouth, it's almost certainly an impacted wisdom tooth that's the culprit.

Swelling in the Affected Area

Another sign that you have an impacted wisdom tooth is that there's swelling in the affected area. If the gums seem to be puffier than usual, there's something amiss.

It could just be standard gum decay; however, if you've been brushing your teeth regularly, it's most likely caused by an impacted wisdom tooth.


Those with impacted wisdom teeth often have halitosis (bad breath) as well.

Why might impacted wisdom teeth cause halitosis? It's because impacted wisdom teeth often create small abrasions in the gums. Then, food particles get caught in those abrasions and begin to emit foul odors.

Redness in the Affected Area

Sometimes, an impacted wisdom tooth will provide visual signs. It will result in extreme redness in the affected area.

If you notice other signs listed above, try to check your gums around your wisdom teeth. If they're red and irritated, an impacted wisdom tooth is likely the problem.

Dealing With Impacted Wisdom Teeth in Prince George?

Do you notice some signs of impacted wisdom teeth? Wilczek Dental Group offers expert wisdom teeth removal in Prince George. His team has assisted countless patients in improving dental health. We will ensure that your wisdom tooth will be removed safely.

Contact us to schedule an appointment!


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