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Benefits of Restoring Teeth with Dental Implants

Dental Implant

Dental implants are a popular option for replacing one or more missing teeth that only continue to grow in popularity. Though other options such as bridges and dentures may work well for some people, the benefits of dental implants have many patients seeing them as the most desirable option.

The Prince George dentists at Dr. Richard Wilczek Inc. believe that it is important for people to be aware of their tooth replacement options. Here are the top benefits of choosing to restore your teeth with dental implants: - They function like healthy, natural teeth Dental implants are structured and function just like healthy, natural teeth. They consist of a titanium root that attaches to the jaw just as a natural root would, and an artificial tooth that looks and feels like a natural tooth. This can preserve or even help improve the clarity of speech, and will allow you to comfortably chew all of your favorite foods. - They preserve facial bone structure Because dental implants are shaped and function just like a normal tooth, they can play a crucial role in retaining facial bone structure and reducing bone deterioration. The root provides independent support and takes the load off all of the surrounding tooth and bone structures, helping your preserve your natural smile and face shape and preventing the appearance of sagging. - They are not susceptible to infection Dental implants actually have quite the advantage over natural teeth in that they cannot be infected and therefore are not susceptible to cavities and tooth decay. You do, however, still need to clean your mouth and gums every single day in order to protect against other oral diseases, and you should be cleaning your implants as well to keep them looking nice and white. - They are easily cleaned and maintained Though you do have to clean and maintain your implants, the good news is that they can be cared for just like regular teeth. You should brush them, floss them, and pay regular visits to your Prince George dentist to have them cleaned. Follow any instructions your dentist gives you about improving your oral hygiene habits. - They can last a lifetime When properly maintained, dental implants easy outlast any other methods of tooth restoration. In fact, they can last you for a lifetime. This means that, even though implants are usually the more expensive option on the outset, you won't be incurring any replacement costs down the line. They are the most cost-effective long-term tooth replacement solution currently available. Dental Implants in Prince George Dr. Richard Wilczek Inc. provides dental implants in Prince George for patients who are looking to replace just one or more missing or damaged teeth. If dental implants sound like a good solution for you, then don't wait to ask us about them. Contact Dr. Richard Wilczek Inc. today to schedule an appointment to speak with our Prince George dentists and find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants.


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