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Tips to Maintain Dental Hygiene

dental hygiene

Everybody wants to have a radiant and gorgeous smile. It is crucial that you follow your dental hygiene regimen properly to ensure that your teeth are in good shape. If you don’t, you will suffer from poor dental health causing gum diseases and infections. Make sure that you schedule a dentist’s appointment for timely checkups and cleaning. At Dr. R. Wilczek Inc., our dentists have been serving the dental needs of our patients since 1984. Our services include caring for your teeth, orthodontics, sedation, implants and teeth whitening.

Four Tips to Maintain Your Dental Hygiene Here are a few tips that will help you keep your teeth strong and healthy: 1. Brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day Brushing is the easiest way to keep your teeth healthy and shiny. Make sure to hold your toothbrush at a 45° angle while brushing your teeth. Pay attention to all the corners of your mouth while brushing and don’t just focus on the front teeth. It is essential that you brush your teeth at least two times every day. You can brush once when you wake up in the morning and next, right before going to bed. If you maintain this habit, your teeth will be in good shape for long. 2. Don’t smoke Smoking tobacco can lead to oral cancer, so you should stay away from it. Apart from that, there are other problems it causes, such as tooth staining and foul breath. You might want to mask your bad breath by chewing mint gums and candies, which will make tooth decay even worse. 3. Avoid soft drinks and alcoholic beverages Make sure that you monitor your consumption of these beverages, as they aren’t good for your teeth. They contain phosphorous in huge quantities, which can have a negative impact on your dental health. Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages deplete the calcium reserve in your body and cause teeth decay. It is best that you avoid them entirely. 4. Don’t forget to floss Just like brushing, it is important that you floss your teeth daily, without fail. Flossing will help get rid of germs and food particles that have accumulated in your teeth and will also keep plague formation in check. Contact Dr. R. Wilczek Inc. for expert advice to maintain your dental hygiene today!



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