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Tips for Caring for Your Teeth at Home

Dental hygiene in Prince George

Many people already know that proper dental hygiene is an important part of their daily routine. Besides visiting your dentist twice a year, caring for your teeth at home is the best way to keep them healthy and clean. Dr. Richard Wilczek’s dental office in Prince George has some tips for taking care of your mouth between appointments.

Your Daily Routine We recommend brushing your teeth after every meal or at least twice a day, morning and night. No matter your age, use a soft bristled toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste to brush in a circular motion for two to three minutes, and then rinse with water. Once a day, floss between your teeth to remove the plaque and bits of food that can get stuck there. Make sure to get in every space and to curve the floss around each tooth as far as your gums will allow. Children sometimes find floss picks easier to use, and people with bridgework or orthodontics can use brushes designed for cleaning between their teeth. What Type of Toothbrush Is Best? If you’ve ever wondered if you should be using an electric toothbrush or a manual one, the answer is to use whichever encourages you to brush regularly. Both types of toothbrush have advantages. Manual toothbrushes are inexpensive and portable. Electric toothbrushes may be easier for kids or people with physical disabilities to use. Use the toothbrush that makes you want to use it. Kids may be more motivated to use an electric toothbrush adorned with their favourite cartoon character. Some adults are more inclined to use a manual toothbrush while others enjoy the benefits of an electric toothbrush. Should I Brush or Floss First? Some people say that flossing before brushing is preferable because the fluoride on your toothpaste reaches between your teeth better when food residue has been removed. Others say that brushing before flossing helps push remaining fluoride from your toothpaste between your teeth. The bottom line is that as long as you’re doing both, the order is irrelevant and you’re taking care of your teeth the right way. Is Mouthwash Necessary? Many people like to finish their oral hygiene routine with a swish of mouthwash. This step may be refreshing, but it’s secondary to brushing and flossing. If you want to use a mouthwash, choose one with no alcohol, and don’t use it more than twice a day. A solid dental hygiene routine coupled with regularly seeing your dentist, Dr. Richard Wilczek, in Prince George can help keep your teeth healthy for years to come. Call us today to make an appointment.


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