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Why to Build a Long-term Relationship with Your Dentist

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Developing a long-standing relationship with a family dentist has lots of benefits. The longer you remain with the same dentist, the more they’ll know about you and your medical history, and the more likely you’ll be to trust their expertise and feel comfortable asking questions. Here are some reasons to choose a family dental clinic to meet the ongoing dental needs of you and your loved ones:

To make your life easier Taking the whole family to the same dental clinic saves time. Everyone in your household will be able to get their cleanings, X-rays, fillings and other dental work done under the same roof. At Dr. Wilczek’s office, we even do orthodontics, so you won’t have to find another clinic if your children need braces. To get lifelong dental care When children go to a pediatric dentist, they have to change dentists when they reach their late teens. This often happens just as kids are moving out and starting work or university—and probably not very focused on their dental health. If kids grow up going to a family dentist, they can make appointments with the same dentist as long as they like. They may even end up bringing their own children to the same clinic someday. To ensure you and your kids feel at ease Though many adults suffer from dental anxiety, for kids, going to the dentist can be especially scary. At a family dental practice, the staff is prepared to work with young children coming in for dental checkups, cleanings and X-rays for the first time. If kids see the same friendly faces each time they visit, they’ll start to feel more at ease when going to the dentist. It’s also important that parents feel comfortable talking to dentists about their children’s and their own oral health. Staying with the same dentist over a long period of time allows trust and comfort to build on both sides. To evaluate family dental trends When a family goes to the same dental clinic, dentists get a better understanding of children’s dental problems because they’ve also treated their parents and siblings. In particular, it makes it easier to identify hereditary problems. Dr. Richard Wilczek: Dentist of Choice in Prince George At the clinic of Dr. Richard Wilczek, we pride ourselves on building long-lasting, caring relationships with our patients. If you’re looking for a dentist that you can trust to care for your whole family, contact us to make an appointment today.


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